Come and Train in your own comfortable private environment.

My name is Kris Boyson and I’m a Professional Weight Loss Specialist & Master Trainer.

I studied at the EIF (European Institute of Fitness) at Lilleshall National School of Excellence where I Graduated as a Master Trainer and Qualified in the below areas:

* 1-1 PT
* Life Coaching
* Motivational Coaching
* Circuits
* Outdoor PT
* Mobile PT
* PT Boxing
* Small Group PT
* Partner PT
* Advanced Program Design
* Clinical Exercise & Special Populations
* Postural Retraining
* Functional Sports Training
* Core Stability Training
* Nutrition & Weight Management
* PT Business
and many more…

Over my 12 years of Personal Training experience and my 17 years of Training experience, I have changed hundreds of lives from people suffering with Injuries, Disabilities, Illnesses & Mental Health issues.
Whatever your struggle, whether it be Physical it Mental, I can help you.

Kris Boyson is certified by the European Institute of Fitness. His Diploma in Personal Training is recognised throughout Europe. He is a Registered Exercise Professional and is listed in the UK National Register of Person Trainers. Terms and Conditions of guarantee are available on request.

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